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WHAT do you want to LEARN?

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Majoritas Academy * 4 months ago
We want to understand what your interest are. We want to learn what you are interested to learn! => In order to make the appropriate match and connection between you and the suitable and relevant subject matter experts and/or practitioners... to hel...
Cristian FRANCU * 4 months ago
I am really interested to LEARN HOW TO LEARN (better, faster, or at least smarter). I am sure that LEARNING HOW TO LEARN may be the most important skill or ability we can develop in the 21st century!
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Cristian FRANCU * 4 months ago
https://ant.umn.edu/ - VideoAnt is a web-based video annotation tool for mobile and desktop devices. Use VideoAnt to add annotations, or comments, to web-hosted videos. Great for learning and teaching!
Cristian FRANCU * 4 months ago
We agreed that ACTIVE LEARNING is essential for any good learning experience - especially for online courses. We as teachers/educators/trainers must understand that planning and offering an ACTIVE ROLE of the student/learner is great not just for th...
Cristian FRANCU * 4 months ago
There is a big and essential difference between: >> REMOTE EDUCATION - when teachers/trainers/educators must do remote education, forced by circumstances (like this need for social distance in the pandemic) and >> ONLINE LEARNING - when teachers/tra...
Majoritas Academy * 4 months ago
The Perception that virtual or online education and learning is inherently less efficient than the classic classroom face to face learning and education is at least misleading if not false! Many students/learners, both children and adults, learn a l...
Cristian C, FRANCU * 4 months ago
Is virtual learning less effective than face to face learning? Is digital/online education more difficult than classic/classroom education? What makes a well-designed/well-delivered course and an effective learning experience?
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The New CORONAVIRUS (CoVID19) - a game changer for globalization!?

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Cezar B. * 11 months ago
Pékin : journal d'une quarantaine https://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/095527-000-A/pekin-journal-d-une-quarantaine/
William Wonker * 11 months ago
If I was a conspiracy theorist I would assume the government(s) man-made this little coronavirus to save them a few bucks in the future: A virus to kill many of the 'old farts' that suck up the old-age pensions, to kill some of the weak unfit middle-...
Michelle Forret * 1 year ago
The French government said this Saturday that Gatherings and Public Events that gather more than 5,000 people are temporarily banned, in the context of Covid-19 epidemics. >> why 5000? 4999 is safe but 5001 not? :-)
Roberto Fantini * 1 year ago
#milanononsiferma #nonmifermo #Italynonsiferma Italy will not stop! Milano will not stop! We are fearless!
Eli Milles * 1 year ago
Want solutions? Here mine: Pump resources into critical care units as a matter of extreme urgency and safeguard the medical staff first and foremost. The covid19 Outbreak is probably not containable now, but we need to give the 5% of sufferers...
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Is Democracy still the best form of government?

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Aida Bacas * 11 months ago
Democracy is the best form of government for there is respect for man, his dignity, rights, freedom as created in God's image. And fear of God is maintained.
Cristian FRANCU * 11 months ago
Democracy is a continuous experiment! => We need and must UPGRADE DEMOCRACY! >> yoU need and must join Us to Upgrade Democracy! That is HOW yoU Upgrade the Power of yoU!
Nick Woodbridge * 11 months ago
Democracy IS still the best form of government! Democracy may have it's problems: Poor economic performance, Populism, Manipulation of the voters, The Dictatorship of the majority, The Mess and Chaos of political fighting. Some NONdemocracies may hav...
Majoritas Academy * 11 months ago
Salim Ismail said in an interview during last year @ the #UDemocracySummit: "The one thing I would change in Democracy today would be that if you want to vote you have to take a little test in civics, to prove that you are actually qualified to vote...
Jerry M. * 11 months ago
Democracy is great when the people/citizens voting are well informed and somehow educated! Can you imagine the disaster if the majority of the voters would be uneducated, uninformed and misinformed people (those who believe any conspiracy theory and...
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IS the European Union a supranational democracy?

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Majoritas Academy * 1 year ago
Do you think that the global institutions are democratic? Please explain your choice! e
Cristian FRANCU * 1 year ago
Do you think representative democracy could work at regional, continental or even at a global level? Or could participatory democracy work better? Is technology helping us to use the participatory model better!?
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