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Improving people’s lives at scale using Technology for upgraded Civic Envolvement and Government. Nothing can be done without proper communication and collaboration. We need to Upgrade Democracy and Change the way the world works

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The stakeholders of democracy are joining forces to collaborate, learn from each other, innovate and UPGRADE DEMOCRACY

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Cristian FRANCU * 3 years ago

https://ant.umn.edu/ - VideoAnt is a web-based video annotation tool for mobile and desktop devices. Use VideoAnt to add annotations, or comments, to web-hosted videos. Great for learning and teaching!

Cristian FRANCU * 3 years ago

We agreed that ACTIVE LEARNING is essential for any good learning experience - especially for online courses. We as teachers/educators/trainers must understand that planning and offering an ACTIVE ROLE of the student/learner is great not just for th...

Cristian FRANCU * 3 years ago

There is a big and essential difference between: >> REMOTE EDUCATION - when teachers/trainers/educators must do remote education, forced by circumstances (like this need for social distance in the pandemic) and >> ONLINE LEARNING - when teachers/tra...

Majoritas Academy * 3 years ago

The Perception that virtual or online education and learning is inherently less efficient than the classic classroom face to face learning and education is at least misleading if not false! Many students/learners, both children and adults, learn a l...

Cristian C, FRANCU * 3 years ago

Is virtual learning less effective than face to face learning? Is digital/online education more difficult than classic/classroom education? What makes a well-designed/well-delivered course and an effective learning experience?

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Recent opinions:
Majoritas Academy * 3 years ago

We want to understand what your interest are. We want to learn what you are interested to learn! => In order to make the appropriate match and connection between you and the suitable and relevant subject matter experts and/or practitioners... to hel...

Cristian FRANCU * 3 years ago

I am really interested to LEARN HOW TO LEARN (better, faster, or at least smarter). I am sure that LEARNING HOW TO LEARN may be the most important skill or ability we can develop in the 21st century!

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