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Our objective

Bringing together the stakeholders of democracy

Citizen, politician, consultant or technology professional - choose your role and see how you can make a difference.

Be Part of Change

There has probably never been a better time for change. Change is needed in society, in politics, in democracy, in the way people can and will participate in their communities and the world.

Technology can make that happen. Technology can connect people, help them give each other the information they need, highlight the problems that need to be solved and then offer tools for everyone to get out there and ACT. In this new environment, roles can change for the better. Politicians, citizens, technology professionals and consultants can open up, share information, signal problems, call for and offer support. In a word, participate.


Because no one person can ever be better at solving one problem than a thousand. Because we believe in the power of U and in the contribution that any role can make. We believe in the future of the politicians who will know how to connect to citizens, consultants and technology professionals.

We believe in the technology professionals who are willing to share their solutions and creative minds with citizens and politicians for the benefit of the society. And we believe in citizens who are willing to participate and contribute to the way our future will look like.

We all need innovative and shared solutions for global issues. Original and unconventional ideas are welcomed.

We challenge you (*U) to Upgrade Democracy using Technology - through collaboration, education, innovation and action.


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