Become a beta tester and community alchemist!

An alchemist is a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical processTogether, we will build communities that will be able to change the world, step by step, project by project, cause after cause. For those outside our network, the technological changes and the social, economical and political transformations after the 4th Industrial Revolution may seem hard to understand or even ‘magical’. For us, they are our Reality and our Mission.

We are not only change makers, but game changers. We embrace disruption.

We don’t want to be part of the change we want around us! We actually ARE part of the change we want around us!

We don’t want to be another Think Tank – but a DO Tank!

No matter what is your ‘role’, your profession, your job or your passion, no matter what is your relationship with "politics," technology and democracy are evolving and will inevitably transform the world we live in. Therefore you should understand your priorities, your values and principles and you should realize the power you have in a world where the future will depend more and more on yourself.

We are challenging you To UPGRADE the POWER of U!


Here are some MAJOR ISSUES and problems we need to solve together:

  • The Lack of trust in the democracy system: politicians, parties, elections, institutions
  • The Lack of real dialogue among the stakeholders of democracy: politicians, citizens, consultants, technology professionals.
  • The Lack of long-term planning in Politics and Democracy (the impediment of 4-5 years election cycle)
  • The Lack of a holistic global approach
  • The Lack of education, awareness, engagement (of the citizens)
  • We need to Inspire / Train/ Encourage a young/new generation of politicians & their teams
  • The elected officials/politicians/consultants need to be the best in what they do (professionalization of politicians, policy makers and political consultants)
  • More and more people, leaders and decision makers need to understand the real impact of exponential technologies

Let’s gather and share Information => Let’s develop and clarify our Awareness about situations, facts, concepts and projects we care => Let’s grow our Engagement on the UDemocracy Platform & in the UDemocracy Events, online & offline => Let’s ACT -> to have ImpACT!


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