Who do yoU think Will Win on Super Tuesday?

Who woud yoU vote for? And WHO do you think will actually win the 2020 Super Tuesday?

Super Tuesday is the election day early in the United States presidential primary season when the greatest number of U.S. states hold primary elections. More delegates to the presidential nominating conventions can be won on Super Tuesday than on any other single day, amounting to approximately a third of all delegates; therefore it is the single largest indicator of likely eventual Presidential candidate.

The Democrats are probably asking themselves "Who should I vote for?".

Who would you vote for if you would have the chance to vote in this US Primaries?

And, more important, WHO do you think will be the winner this Super Tuesday?

Written by Cristian F.
Elizabeth Warren ends her presidential campaign! Will she support BERNIE SANDERS? Is Bernie offering her his VP position?
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Written by Majoritas A.
It's clear now! => It's BIDEN vs SANDERS! 1. Joe Biden is riding the wave (also with Bloomberg's support) 2. Biden is backed up by a coalition (of the moderate democrats and all kind of voters (african Americans, white voters, young and old) 3. W...
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Written by Cristian F.
As expected, BIDEN endorsed by the moderates and the democratic establishment is the winner of Super Tuesday! 390-330 delegates? Biden - Sanders is still a tight fight!
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Written by Majoritas A.
Besides " What are you looking for in a president?"- the second essential question would be: <> [1.] Is it Health care?! => The Democrats agree that the government needs to do more t...
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Written by Adam S.
Sen. Amy Klobuchar will end her presidential bid on Monday and endorse Joe Biden!!
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Written by Majoritas A.
It is a hot debate here and we love that. The essential question would be: >>> What are you looking for in a president? <<< [1.] If you prefer an IDEALIST => Bernie Sanders may be your choice. That's what many people love about him. And that's wha...
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Written by Scott T.
BERNIE SANDERS will be the Democrats' Candidate. He should have been in 2016 also! Nothing in life is sure. But, BERNIE SANDERS has the most (annoyingly so) active and enthusiastic fan club. I can see that Bernie is annoying some voters and supporter...
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Written by Ion P.
SANDERS is clearly leading. And BIDEN seems the only one capable to fight him. Many people are supporting Bernie. And he is so different than compared with Trump. He would have a real chance to stop Donald.
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Written by S G.
Technology makes it possible for candidates to target potential donors with cheap ads and easy-to-use online donation platforms. Small donations help small candidates to be known and heard and also brings more citizens into the political donation pro...
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Written by Anne F.
Ad spending on 2020 primary tops $1 billion. It's the most money that has been spent this early on in an election cycle in U.S. history! So far, Democrats have spent a whopping $969 million on ads, compared to $67.9 million by Republicans. But since...
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