Recommend a great Political Strategy Consultant

Political Strategists you've worked with and you would definitely recommend for a winning strategy

Running a political campaign and winning elections is not easy!

A candidate has to connect with voters, to earn their trust and get enough of them to show up at the ballot box.

A strategy must be developed and the strategy main messages must be communicated and disseminated accordingly through the press, in online, radio and TV ads, and on social media, personalized for each type of audience.

There are just a few experts who can guide candidates through the process of defining and refining a Political Campaign Strategy. The most famous Political Strategists, those who have won famous elections, become legendary in the industry and, besides being very expensive, they cannot get involved in many campaigns (their time being without a doubt limited). But besides the few Strategy Gurus, there are many great Political Strategists - the professionals you never knew, the people behind many electoral victories. 

That's why we need your Recommendations for POLITICAL STRATEGISTS: for the interested Politicians, Political Parties & Campaign Teams around the World.

Written by Cezar B.
George Gorton, involved in Boris Yeltsin's reelection campaign (1996)
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Written by Majoritas A.
We are glad to recommend a great Political advisor & Strategist, a good friend and a supporter of #UDemocracy: Mr Dan Kanninen. Dan is an established political voice in the beltway, featured frequently on MSNBC, CNN, FOX news and FOX business, as we...
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Written by Bogdis P.
It seems that I am the first to recommend the one and only Dominic Cummings - the British political strategist - the mastermind behind the Pro Brexit Referendum success and the Chief Adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson since July 2019. Cummings i...
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Written by Cristian F.
I must make this recommendation! Even though David M. Axelrod may not need a recommendation ;-) But on our #UDemocracy platform, we have citizens, technology professionals, journalists, students, researchers - not just politicians, consultants or po...
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Written by Majoritas A.
A hundred years ago, when political consultants first began playing their role they were sometimes perceived as manipulators of public opinion. But a political campaign strategy is not (necessarily) a "factory of beautiful lies". A strategist mu...
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