The International Chess Day

• POLITICS... like a game of chess, it may be all about strategy. As you get good at chess (and politics), you're mastering sequences of moves and decisions. Anticipating what your opponent will do. And what are or may be the possible consequences of your decisions, choices, and actions.

Like POLITICS, CHESS is not always about WINNING! 

Sometimes it may be about LEARNING! And so is LIFE! 

20 July is The International Chess Day!

A game of strategy and wits, Chess is the thinking man’s game. From Early India to today, like Politics, Chess is a wonderful game to play anytime, anywhere.

Anybody can learn to play chess, there is a special role for every chess piece and everybody must understand their role in Politics. 

How to celebrate International Chess Day?

Play a game of Chess with a friend. Face to face or online. And maybe LIKE & SHARE this Image and Article!

U can be a pawn, a knight, a rook, a castle, a bishop, a queen or a king...  We play different roles and wear different hats, in different moments and contexts!

We challenge U to get involved and Upgrade Democracy

And to never stop LEARNING! 

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